Gavin Johnson

Gavin grew up in North Vancouver surrounded by the outdoors so was introduced to climbing at a very young age. Gavin joined a youth team when he was 10 years old and never looked back. The world of competition climbing allowed him to travel all over the country and represent Canada competing against some amazing climbers. 

Indoor climbing was Gavin’s first love, so will always hold a special place in his heart  but he has also had some amazing experiences outside. His favourite place that he has had the opportunity to climb at, is Bishop California. “The giant boulders of the Buttermilks blew my mind when I first laid eyes on them. The sheer magnitude of some of the lines were incredibly inspiring.”

Gavin has been able to share his love for climbing through coaching, route setting and engaging with the community at local events. He has helped Madrock with its early reintroduction to Canada as an ambassador and sales rep. 

Gavin is competing less then he used to but the passion for climbing and trying hard is still there. 

Favorite shoe: Remora and Drone