Go Green

Reduce · Reuse · Recycle

What to do with your old climbing shoes... Here at Mad Rock we want to breathe life back into your old shoes and put them back into action. Our Rebuild / Donate program allows the concerned climber to either Resole / Repair or Rebuild / Donate. Help us keep climbing shoes out of the landfills and give charities in need a chance at climbing with your donation.

To ensure that environment responsibility is an integral part of our company, we have committed to exceeding baseline requirements for our factory standards by installing solar power systems for large scale generation, exclusively using recycled and recyclable materials for shipping/packaging. We have developed a Rebuild/Donate program which will give climbers the option to rebuild their old shoes for a small cost or donate to contribute to the charity of their choice to reduce waste in our landfills. We believe that setting aggressive business targets that embed our company responsibility goals into our long-term growth and innovation strategies will help in achieving meaningful changes in our industry.

Work Environment
Innovation does not stop with just our shoes. Here at Mad Rock, we strive to provide a healthy and positive work environment in our factories as well as our offices. We provide proper training, state of the art facilities, and adhere to the highest standards for worker safety and health. We regularly have open tours of our factories and warehouses and visitors daily in our offices.