Innovative Features

Innovative Features

By utilizing our 1.8mm R2 rand rubber, the Arch Flex system gives our redesigned Shark an unbelievably comfortable and glove-like fit. The elastic property in our R2 formula hugs and locks your foot in to place without the pain associated with other high performance shoes. 


Introducing, the best hooking heel ever created. With help from our team of athletes around the world, we've designed a heel cup that will hook, smear, jam, or lock better than any other heel design out there. Our new 3D Molded Heel Cup features grooves to improve hooking ability and ensures that your heel won't pop off of your project. As with any of our other features, we never skimp on materials by manufacturing with non-climbing grade rubber. 


The Flash 2.0 is the first climbing shoe on the market to incorporate shock gel to reduce the force of impact on the heel. 


With a patented, concave shape, this sole offers even more powerful edging and surface contact while smearing. Featured on the Shark, Con Series and the Demon; the 3D molded concave shape will enable your feet to grab holds like never before. 


Our AES midsoles utilizes 3D molded polycarbonate material to maintains its shape throughout the life of the shoe. It also provides a predictable and consistent flex throughout its lifespan without sacrificing sensitivity. Due to its stiffness, we were able to incorporate this new midsole material in conjunction with our 3D molded rubber sole to increase performance and stability while minimizing the thickness of both. Our AES consists of 3 midsole shapes to control flex and edging. 


Another technological first in our industry. The 3D molded Toe Cap eliminates the seam where de-lamination can occur while providing an extra layer of protection for durability. The sticky grey rubber is a good indicator of when resoling will be needed as the black rand rubber below begins to show and helps to prevent marks on climbing surfaces. 


Through the use of our new rubber impregnation technology, the Power Flex Upper is thin, light, sensitive and ultra sticky. The two-way stretch characteristic of our material provides more room in the toe box while reducing lateral strech when worn. 


Moving the shoe closure to the side provides greater surface area coverage for our new Power Upper. Whether you are toe hooking, jamming, or smearing, our rock shoes have you covered.