Pedro Corral

Meet Pedro Corral, a passionate climber and accomplished routesetter with a climbing journey that started 17 years ago in Cuenca, Ecuador his hometown. It all started when Pedro stumbled upon the town's very first climbing gym, and from that moment on, his love for climbing was ignited. 

Pedro's journey began as a competition climber, dedicating nearly a decade to intense training and competing at the highest level of the sport. However, in 2015, he made a pivotal decision to switch gears and dive headfirst into routesetting, a game-changing move that transformed his perspective on climbing. 

Thanks to his routesetting skills, Pedro had the incredible opportunity to relocate to Calgary, Canada, where he now plays the role as Head Setter at Bolder Climbing Elevated. There, he set boulders and routes that challenge climbers of all skill levels. 

Pedro has continually pushed his limits in every facet of the sport, showcasing impressive climbs, including successful ascent of V13 boulder problem and a 5.14b sport climbing route. 

His transition to routesetting in 2015 provided him with fresh insights into the climbing world. Beyond the gym, he's had the privilege of participating in climbing competitions across various countries, spanning from Ecuador to Peru, Argentina, Chile, the USA, Switzerland, France, and Canada. Among his proudest achievements is his contribution as part of the IFSC Setting team for two Lead World Cups, the first one held in Villars, Switzerland in 2022, and the second one in Chamomix, France in 2023. 

V11 Joes Valley 2022- credit Ana Velez

Sherk III V12 San Fernando, Ecuador- credit Ana Velez

San Fernando, Ecuador- credit Ana Velez

Routesetting Cuenca, Ecuador

Setting Canadian Nationals- credit Kaleb Thomas