Sienna Chow

Sienna Chow is 15 years old from Surrey, BC, and she started climbing when she was 5 at her home gym, Coastal Climbing Centre. Sienna has been competing since she was 8 years old, and competed in all three disciplines of competition: boulder, lead, and speed. Her favourite being bouldering. Sienna won all three disciplines at the 2023 Canadian Youth National Championships, an improvement from the previous year when she won lead and speed, and placed second in bouldering. Sienna also currently holds the national speed record for U16 women at 9.47 seconds. She has represented Canada twice at Youth World Championships in Dallas and Seoul, both times competing in all three disciplines. In Seoul, she placed 14th in boulder and speed and 16th in lead in U16.

Sienna's favourite shoes are the Drone LVs, for their fit, heel edge, and toe rubber. 
photo by Dimitris Tosidis
photo by Caleb Timmerman
photo by Selena Worden
photo by Selena Worden
photo by Phuc Nguyen
photo by Nathan Worden