Climbing should be for everybody

Innovative, highly technical and affordable climbing shoes and gear.

Climbing should be enjoyed by everybody. Mad Rock’s goal from the beginning has been to offer the most sophisticated designs and materials at a fair price. And now, more than ever, our message of value, quality, durability and climbing enjoyment rings true – so much so that our competitors are increasingly following our lead. We always thought that climbing should be enjoyed by everybody – and we aim to do that with the best gear at a fair price.

Refinement of an existing design can often be as labour-intensive as creating an all-new one. Yet instead of making new models for the sake of making new models, Mad Rock is committed to making subtle but definite running improvements to the existing shoe models and offering a variety of new features, colours, and options to our increasingly popular hardware and accessory lines. 

After many years and over a million pairs later, we still choose not to reflect on our accomplishments nor rest on our laurels-because our best shoes will always be the next batch! While maintaining the high quality and innovative products that have put us on the map of climbers around the world!





  • We want to inspire and empower all Canadians to choose their next adventure!
  • All adventures- in mountains, deserts, forests or your own hometown – are worth discovering and exploring.
  • Having the proper gear – that fits, that’s comfortable, performs and lasts – allows you to travel further and longer, be safer and have more fun.
  • Your online shopping experience should be quick, easy and rewarding – and we will do whatever we can to ensure you get innovative gear backed by passionate advice.
  • Building partnerships with industry leaders will continue to make us better and offer you the best technology and advancements.