Blue Ice is made up of two climbers who have a traveling addiction and the team behind bringing great MadRock products to Canada.  Jeff and Adam co-founded Blue Ice in an effort to inspire the human spirit for personal growth, travel and life-long adventures.  By connecting you with mother nature and building a passion for the world that surrounds us, Blue Ice is dedicated to growing the local hiking and climbing scene and providing the expertise and equipment for you to explore the world around us.

The Blue Ice advantage is achieved by merging world-class customer service with the highest performing products delivered by a team of passionate world travellers. 

We offer honest opinions; and in our opinion, you need to have fun.  Every. Single. Day.




We are passionate about connecting people with nature, so they can live their lives in the real world, doing what they love.

In our journey to become Canada’s leading provider of adventure equipment for the adrenaline-obsessed,  we are going all out to provide you with everything you need to explore the world – with the best gear, at the best price, backed by the best customer service in the industry.
We share your passion for living life to the fullest.  SERIOUSLY. Our site will continue to grow, with added products and activity categories as well as useful information that will help you be a part of the outdoor adventure community.



  • We want to inspire and empower all Canadians to choose their next adventure!
  • All adventures- in mountains, deserts, forests or your own hometown – are worth discovering and exploring.
  • Having the proper gear – that fits, that’s comfortable, performs and lasts – allows you to travel further and longer, be safer and have more fun.
  • Your online shopping experience should be quick, easy and rewarding – and we will do whatever we can to ensure you get innovative gear backed by passionate advice.
  • Building partnerships with industry leaders will continue to make us better and offer you the best technology and advancements.