Liam Klettke

Speed Climbing specialist Liam "Middle Kettle" Klettke started climbing in his hometown of Duncan BC at 11 in 2016, when his older brother took him to the local climbing club of Cowichan secondary. The Cowichan climbing academy became his second home as he was a common sight every time the gym was open and was  often found playing ridiculous games of add-on with his friends. After placing first at a Cowichan climbing VS Stellys high school competition, he fell in love with the sport and community.  As of 2020, Liam was hand selected for a semi pro team under the national coach  out of the Boulders Climbing Gym in Victoria, BC. Liam is still a common sight at his home gyms in Duncan as well as route setting at the Hang-Out climbing center.

What had started as a fun after-school hobby quickly became a lifestyle after qualifying and placing 2nd at youth Speed Nationals during his national debut. Ever since, he has placed in the top 10 for Canadian Speed climbers on the Canadian national ranking. With 11 medals under his belt, Liam has a consistent place in the top bracket in Speed climbing. After placing the top 30 in both lead and boulder  nationals in 2023,  Liam retired from being a Tri discipline athlete after his last year of youth nationals to focus on speed climbing. In his last year, Liam placed 4th in youth nationals and 6th in open men for the  2023 speed season. In September of 2023, Liam placed 4th in the North American Cup Series: Richmond, then 2 weeks later, 10th in the NACS: Alexandria,Virginia.  For his first international debut, with a time of 7.1 seconds. Shortly after, in February of 2024, Liam broke his personal best and shattered the 7 second milestone and is well on the road to sub 6.

Liam has shown that small gyms and communities can produce high-quality athletes along with coaches and setters. Liam's dream is to coach, train, and route set for a living. Once his competitive career slows down to one day, bring the next generation of climbers to the world stage. 
Liams best advice for all climbers comes from someone special to him.
"Go slow to go fast" ~Libor Hroza, former world champion, coach, and friend.
Liams favourite shoes are the madrock Remoras with a special interest in the new speed specialist shoes called "The Talaria"

"Thank you to Mark,  my community, my parents, and wonderful family who made this possible to do the sport I love!"
~ Middle Kettle