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Lotus bought on or after 7/01/24 are final sale and do not qualify for a return, exchange or warranty.

Specifically designed for women from the ground up. 

Convenient as two-or three-strap shoes, the Lotus maintains a tight performance slipper fit, but minimizes the work of squeezing on the shoe. The new closure system allows us to use the split tongue design. Best for tackling comps and especially overhanging terrain, the Lotus is sure to be your go-to sending shoe.

Women sizing:  For performance fit we recommend to size up by 1.5 US compare to your women street shoe size.  Go up 2 or 2.5 US ''Women'' for a comfy fit. 
For example, if your foot length is 26cm, your women street shoes size is 10 or 10.5 US.  Your performance fit in the Lotus is 12 or 12.5 US.  For a comfortable fit you should take 12.5 or 13 US. The Lotus provide better performance than the Lyra but less comfort. The Lotus is the women answer to the Shark 2.0.